Mail Order Marijuana and Benefits Of Buying Weed Online

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July 16, 2018
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October 18, 2018

Mail Order Marijuana and Benefits Of Buying Weed Online



E-commerce has undoubtedly proven to be one of the fastest rising sectors of the modern service economy, changing aspects of social life–or at least, shopping–as we know it. With a few simple clicks, the shopping experience is a quick and convenient way to purchase the things you want, all done through the tips of your fingertips and with deliveries straight to your doorstep.

While retailers have quickly taken note and transitioned to online platforms to better reach consumers, a particular product in Canada has been hitting the world wide web only fairly recently in the grand scheme of things: marijuana. Of course, Canada has had a decently friendly attitude to marijuana in major cities for years now, and while Canadian traditional brick and mortar medical marijuana dispensaries have existed for some time, the online dispensary is a new experience for many users despite it not necessarily being a new invention. With the rise of online businesses and Canada edging closer to recreational cannabis legalization, however, there have been increasing crackdowns on non-governmental or home marijuana fronts, particularly in Ontario. As communities seek more ways to obtain their marijuana, whether for medical or recreational uses, fellow enthusiasts are responding by offering and sharing their love of marijuana with the rest of the country through online mail order services.

One of these up and coming online marijuana dispensary mail order services is ​Cannada Express​, a shop based in the marijuana-friendly city of Vancouver, British Columbia.

Cannabis culture in Vancouver and British Columbia

Currently, the use of recreational marijuana in Canada is illegal, and though the proposed date for legalization is aimed for this upcoming Canada Day, July 1st, 2018, the legalization process may be delayed in order to review Bills C-45 and C-46​. Despite the controversial
stance on its legality, however, Vancouver, or rather the entire province of British Columbia in general, has for some time already maintained a relaxed attitude towards marijuana. In fact, its recreational usage is rather commonplace and tolerated in public spaces. Vancouver is also the home of renowned marijuana activist, businessman and politician, Marc Emery​, nicknamed the “Prince of Pot”, who is a key figure in pushing for cannabis policy reform.

There are cannabis cafes in Vancouver where people may come and smoke, chill and have a coffee, like ​New Amsterdam Cafe​ and Canna Clinic (bonus points for New Amsterdam Cafe, who have two cats that are usually lounging around, too). Although marijuana is not sold at these cafes upfront, places like New Amsterdam Cafe’s upstairs lounge have installed vending machines that dispense pre-rolled joints. Marc Emery’s own Cannabis Culture Headquarters is also located in Vancouver, selling marijuana essentials like vaporizers, bongs and grinders. They even carry fun paraphernalia such as hemp massage oil and streetwear items like HUF Weed print socks.

On April 20th, a big annual celebration entitled “4/20 Vancouver” is held downtown for the namesake plant with masses–both locals and tourist alike–filling up Robson Square, the Vancouver Art Gallery court, the surrounding downtown areas and beaches. This past festival took place at Sunset Beach Park, but thousands of cannabis enthusiasts out to celebrate all things marijuana-related could be seen smoking virtually anywhere and everywhere downtown, with market vendors set up around the Robson/Granville core areas. Even with recreational marijuana legalization in due process, the crowds attending 4/20 events are noticeably growing more and more each year.

What are the benefits of mail order marijuana?

Like other online retailers, you can be sure that the online shopping experience is a fast and easy process. Browse the many available options, select your preferred products, checkout,
and your selection is delivered to you. Purchasing marijuana online is a perfect option for those with busy schedules, those who do not have direct or convenient access to a dispensary, those with psychological or physical ailments, those who prefer keeping their marijuana purchases private, or quite simply, for those cannabis enthusiasts who would like to try–and smoke or taste–other green options that are not immediately available in their local areas.

What’s the difference between ordering online and going to my local dispensary?

Apart from the more obvious benefits of shopping online as we previously mentioned, there are still benefits from shopping online for mail order marijuana regardless of whether you’re from a rural town in Saskatchewan or from a larger metropolitan cities like Edmonton or Toronto.

Of course, for smaller cities and towns, mail order marijuana is definitely the ideal option to obtain the products you want and need, whenever you want and need it. For most rural areas or in the Northern territories, there are no local dispensaries, and if there are sellers, chances are the prices are higher due to low supply and high demand. Ordering from online dispensaries like Cannada Express ensures you are offered affordable prices for some of the highest quality products on the market.

For those living in larger cities, the idea of mail order marijuana may almost seem unnecessary as there are, of course, local options. But, considering some local environments and socio-political factors of some cities, this isn’t always easy. Take Toronto, for example. With the legalization process underway, many brick and mortar dispensaries have been getting raided and shut down​ in order to prepare a new municipal foundation for legal and government-controlled cannabis outlets. With these dispensaries
out of the options, mail order marijuana for some may be the only, or at least, the most convenient way of getting weed.

In Quebec cities like Montreal, marijuana may even be harder to access. ​Quebec is one of the Canadian provinces that actually welcomes the legalization delay, and put pressure on Ottawa to review the Bills​. In fact, opposition parties in Quebec do not want ​recreational marijuana, or public usage, to be legal at all​. The French province also maintains the ​lowest rate of cannabis consumption at 10%, with the national average at 14%​. With such controversial stances towards marijuana in Quebec, it may be worthwhile to ensure oneself of the utmost privacy when making marijuana products, and online mail orders would guarantee that; Cannada Express is secure, safe, and will not reveal your order details to any other parties, not even the mailing service will be aware of the package contents as it uses nondescript labeling and packaging (see more mailing info at the bottom).

Taking weather into consideration as well, it is safe to say that all Canadians understand that the Canadian winters can be long and hard. But, nobody knows this as much as those living in cities like Edmonton, Winnipeg, Thunder Bay, Saguenay and Regina, some of the coldest cities in Canadian provinces during winters; and let’s not forget the northern territories, too. Why bother going outside in the harsh weather when weed can be delivered to your warm and comfy home?

Even for those living in Vancouver, where dispensaries are to be found on many city blocks (with more popping up every now and then), it can still be a hassle to purchase in-store. You risk getting into long line-ups, items you want might be sold out, or simply, you cannot find what you are looking for. Of course, dispensaries in Vancouver can boast of high quality marijuana, but with limited physical spacing for inventory, selections are not always great. By ordering online, you know that whatever is displayed is available, and because online dispensaries have their own warehouses to ship from, and not working from small stockrooms somewhere on a Vancouver block, there are often wider varieties
than you would see in most cannabis storefronts. The variety of choices that online dispensaries like Cannada Express can offer are not something all dispensaries can admit to having.

Why order from Cannada Express?

As previously mentioned, Cannada Express is based in the city of Vancouver, one of the most weed-friendly cities in the world according to cannabis blogs like ​The Pot Vault​ and International High Life​. Cannada Express locally sources its products, and not just because of local proximity; there is a reason B.C. is such a popular cannabis growing area, and why the cannabis industry in B.C. alone generates an estimated $6 billion CAD annually, and its environment is definitely one of them. That being said, you can be sure that with the ideal temperate climates paired with the lush hills and forests of the Pacific west coast, the plants are grown in optimal environments, resulting in flowers and strains sourced from the best quality plants.

Also, by signing up for a member account on Cannada Express, you receive a free gram with your first purchase!

Shop a variety of products from flowers, concentrates, edibles and vape pens/juice

Cannada Express offers a wide variety of strains for you to choose from like Grape Ape, Hindu Kush and Purple Kush. You have the option to purchase from ⅛ ounce, ¼ ounce, ½ once and full ounce, and the more you buy, the better of a deal you will get! What differentiates Cannada Express from some other online dispensaries is that they detail what the effects of each particular strain are. Looking for something to give you a more relaxed feel? In the mood for something euphoric? Every strain has a different rating and score for potential effects. For example, King Kush is rated as having a 100% relaxed effect, 75% sleepy effect, etc., while Gorilla Glue has a 100% happy effect, 90% euphoric effect,
and so on! So, whether sativa or indica, you can be more aware of what particular effects and how effective the weed of your choice will have on you, perfect for those wanting to experiment new strains.

For those that fancy sweets, there are edible options such as Chocolate Fudge Brownies or Peanut Butter Cups, as well as a variety of flavoured gummy candies. Why not try the Buuda Bomb Strawberry Gummy Bears, or the Twisted Extract Blue Raspberry Jelly Bombs? Yum!

In addition to concentrates, like Blue OG Shatter, Cannada Express also currently has Hooti Extracts THC Distillate Vape Pens on sale from a variety of strains. As it is disposable, the Hooti Vape Pens are a discrete and convenient option for those on the-go.

Also, the product images shown online are not stock images. They are taken personally by Cannada Express with no enhancements or edits, which not all dispensaries do. This means that with Cannada Express, what you see is what you get!

How does Cannada Express mail my order?

Cannada Express uses CanadaPost’s Expedited services for all orders, which includes tracking and delivers within 3-5 business days after payment. They also offer CanadaPost Xpress post service, which is free for orders over $150 CAD and includes order tracking, delivery confirmation and 1-2 day shipping to guarantee customers a speedy delivery. To ensure privacy, all packages are vacuum-sealed to assure that all orders are odourless, and mailed in Xpresspost nondescript boxes that do not detail package contents to save your order details from any prying eyes. Your order is perfectly private and secure!

What are you waiting for? Shop now!
Cannada Express is currently in the middle of a blowout sale, so head on over to​ and stock up on your marijuana products now before the sale is over! Remember to sign up for a member account to receive a free gram with your first purchase!

While Cannada Express is transparent and as detailed as possible with its products and procedures, it is best, as with all mail order marijuana services, to do your research beforehand to see what options and products are the best choices for you. If you are unsure of what to buy, or how to proceed, Cannada Express is available and more than happy to help you personally with your shopping experience, and customer service contact is available every day of the week to answer any questions you may have to inform and help you make your decisions.

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